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About us

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Teaching Results Based Management

The Results Lab is an innovative learning and coaching platform on Results Based Management. We teach planningmonitoringevaluating and reporting for results to staff in development organisations, governments and businesses.

Only a rational understanding of human well-being will allow billions of us to coexist peacefully, converging on the same social, political, and environmental goals.

Sam Harris, The Moral Landscape

Our vision

Maximising the well-being of conscience creatures is our ultimate goal. To achieve that, we need a rational approach and tools. Results Based Management provides that. It gives us the tools to plan, monitoring, evaluate and report on results of services, policies or programmes of governments or organisations. We at Results Lab play a small part in it by equipping you with the best tools.

A lab /læb/

We call our learning platform a ‘lab’. Why? Because it provides a safe space for you to learn, experiment with new tools and approaches, and test your knowledge. All that in a safe space, working on real life examples from our >20 years of experience working with governments, international organisations and NGOs.